NSK Multi Stand

NSK Multi Stand is the convenient way to organize and store NSK high and low speed handpieces and heads.
Autoclavable at 135 ºC.

Multi Stand Complete

  • Multi Stand Complete
    • Model:Multi Stand Complete
    • Order Code:Z036

    For NSK high speed and low speed attachments

Multi Stand for Phatelus

  • Multi Stand for Phatelus
    • Model:Multi Stand for Phatelus
    • Order Code:Z036002

    3 x Adaptor A / 2 x Adaptor C

Multi Stand Handpiece Adaptors

Multi Stand Handpiece Adaptors

Model Order Code
A Adaptor (A) Z036201 For High speed handpieces and Phatelus air motors
B Adaptor (B) Z036202 For E-Type* Low speed handpieces and Phatelus air motor heads
C Adaptor (C) Z036203 For Phatelus and Mach couplings
D Adaptor (KV) Z036204 For KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX
E Adaptor (SR) Z036205 For Sirona® Quick Coupling
F Adaptor (WH) Z036207 For W&H® Roto Quick
G Adaptor (BA) Z036206 For Bien-Air® Unifix®
H Adaptor (F) Z036209 For ENDO-MATE TC2 / DT, TASKAL Wizard & iSD900 heads

* E-Type: Conformable to ISO3964.